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Father's Day Gift Ideas 2020

Updated: Mar 30

Father's Day 2020 is just around the corner (Sunday June 21st) and its looking increasingly likely that we will be in lockdown for it, but this doesn't mean you can't make sure your Dad has a Happy Father's Day we have a list of perfect Father's Day Presents for your old man

1. A Night Out

Who doesn't want a good night out right now? Whilst we can't condone breaking social distancing rules, why not pick up some tickets to one of our events later this year and book in a night out with your dad when this is all over

We have events with Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal Legends coming up in the Autumn of 2020, that are a perfect way to give your father a gift of a lifetime, getting to meet his favourite sporting legends and hear tales of their careers and even pick up a photograph or piece of memorabilia

Give your dad a night out for Father's Day 2020

2. Signed Memorabilia

All Football fans love signed memorabilia. A chance to own something that has been in the presence of a footballing hero. Signatures have been known to increase in value over time too, so in addition to giving your dad something he will love now, its also a gift he will continue to love the longer he has it

Superstar Speakers work with football legends and therefore you can buy signed items with confidence that they are genuine - and a COA that is approved by AFTAL

Father's Day 2020 is on Sunday June 21st - even if you can't see your dad, make sure you give him a call / facetime and cheer him up!

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