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How to take care of your Autographs and Memorabilia

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

How to take care of your autographs


We love autographs and memorabilia at Superstar Speakers and we understand just how much it means to you. Its a tangible memory of a once-in-a-lifetime moment meeting a sporting icon. It can also be an investment that may rise in value over time or just a great way to decorate a man cave or bar

1. Frame it or Case it

Whether its your favourite football shirt, a montage of iconic moments, a programme from an iconic match or even something 3D like a boxing glove or a football boot - protecting it from everyday dangers such as rips and spills and tears.

Not only does a frame or case offer this level of basic protection - there is more to a frames job than that. A professional frame will use UV protective glass to help prevent the natural UV rays and Sunshine affecting the colours of the signed item and worse still causing the signature to fade and disappear.

in addition to this a shirt should be pinned rather than glued and an acid free mount will protect the item and ensure its chances of lasting without losing quality

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Framed Memorabilia

2. Keep it High

It seems simple - but basically make sure you display your items! Its one thing keeping them as an investment and hoping that they increase in value, but there's no reason you cant enjoy them too.

Keep framed items on walls where you can - or at the very least away from moisture and damp in areas such as garages and basements (unless they are suitably protected rooms) moisture is no good for most items as it causes mould and rot which ruin both the value and look of the item, and even the wood on a frame. Worst case is it eats away the signature and ruins everything!

3. Avoid Sunshine and UV rays

Even Clayton Blackmore's signature can't handle too much sunshine! In all seriousness natural sunlight and UV rays will cause both the signature and the item to fade, affecting the overall look and value of your item. Avoid placing signed memorabilia in direct sunlight, opposite windows or in conservatories etc. UV protected glass will help, but to give your item the best chance of maintaining its integrity

4. Avoid Over-Handling

We all love showing off our memorabilia - even if its a good humble brag, but resist the temptation to over handle your items - the natural oils and acids in your skin will eventually wear away the item or the signature. From programmes with foxed edges or thumb prints and smears to weathered shirts and less than pristine items.

Resist the temptation!

Superstar Speakers Display Case

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