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Jimmy Bullard. Live and Unleashed

Updated: Aug 25

Jimmy Bullard with be in Northampton Radisson Park Inn with Superstar Speakers on October 30th for a sporting evening like no other!

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Who is Jimmy Bullard?

Jimmy Bullard is a former professional footballer and coach. He is currently the co-host of Sky Sports Soccer AM.

Bullard is a natural personality and character, which has endeared him to the fans and his former team mates.

It is this personality that has lead to Bullard forging a career as a TV presenter, notably on Sky Sports saturday morning programme Soccer AM but also on the ITV Jungle 'I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here' in 2014

Jimmy Bullard Funny Moments

Click the Image for his Finest Moments

Who did Jimmy Bullard Play for?

During his playing career he played for West Ham, Peterborough, Wigan Athletic, Fulham and Hull (amongst others).

Bullard was a naturally gifted midfielder and earnt the love of the fans where-ever he went, tp the point there were calls for Bullard to play for England.

Bullard was called up to the national team in both 2008 and 2010 for qualifiers - but didn't ever make the team

He was eligible for Germany, due to a German Grandmother - but chose to play for England as he was born and bred in East London

He also briefly tried managing with a stint at Leatherhead FC in 2016/2017

Why did Jimmy Bullard retire?

Jimmy retired from football after 14 years due to an ongoing knee injury. His right knee ruptured his cruciate ligaments twice in three years

What Does Jimmy Bullard do now?

Bullard showed the nation what the football world knew, that he was an old school football character when he appeared on the 2014 series of ITV's 'I'm a Celebrity, Get Me out of Here'

This appearance lead to Jimmy getting the co-host role on Sky Sports Soccer AM - injecting his own brand of humour and craziness to 'you know the drill' and nailing top bins in the Soccer AM car park

What will Bullard in Northampton be Like?

In Short. We don't know!

If last years event in Nottingham is anything to go by - expect the unexpected!

We will just give him a live mic, no script and just let him fly! We will take questions from the audience and see what happens!

The only thing we can say - is it will be an evening you will never forget, and remember

Footballs always the winner!

Click for a funny story about Bullard from our interview with Mark Crossley

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