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Updated: Mar 30

In 1999 Man United won the FA Cup, Premier League and Champions League all in one season - a feat that has never been achieved since in English Football.

The players who were part of the Manchester United Treble team all went into United legend, a golden crop of talent that became known as the Class of 92, and are still beloved by Man United fans across the globe.

Superstar Speakers are proud to work with the Manchester United Legends on a regular basis and we love the legacy of the Treble and getting to bring the heroes of 1999 to the fans around the UK and Ireland. This blog pulls together all the events and memorabilia we have around the Treble and the Treble winners

1. The Yorke and Cole Collection

The partnership of Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke for Man United is one of the greatest in Premier League history and the 53 goals they scored between them in the Treble winning season is a huge part of the success of 1999. Cole is still the third highest goal scorer in the Premier league and outside of the Treble he won a further 4 Premier Leagues and another FA Cup

We had an exclusive signing session with Cole and he has signed some exclusive Champions League shirts, boots and pictures - Which Dwight Yorke added his signature to exclusively for Superstar Speakers creating the Cole and Yorke Collection

Click the link to browse the store

2. Gary Neville Exclusive Signing

One of the few men to have won the Champions League twice with Man United (1999 and 2008) Neville has gone from Class of 92 to England and Man United regular right back - winning 8 Premier League titles - to a respected house hold name from his work on Sky Sports Monday Night Football and part ownership of Salford City FC

We are delighted that Gary found time in his busy schedule for us!

Collection coming soon!

3. Ryan Giggs Manchester Homecoming

The most decorated man in British Football history - Ryan Giggs dedicated his career to Manchester United. With a record 963 appearances from 1990 to 2014, winning 13 Premier League titles, 4 FA Cups and 2 Champions League titles!

Giggs is a legend in Manchester and we will be bringing him back to the city for this huge homecoming celebration at the Lowry theatre

Tickets coming soon

Check out this video for highlights of our evening with Ryan Giggs in Nottingham

Ryan Giggs memorabilia available here...

4. Paul Scholes in Northampton and Manchester

Paul Scholes is considered the greatest English Midfielder of his generation, your favourite footballers, favourite footballer. Scholes is a member of the class of 92 and icon of the treble winning season of 1999. Despite the fact that Scholes didn't play in the the Champions League Final in 1999, his career lasted long enough, and his quality stayed long into the 2008 season where he was Sir Alex Ferguson's first pick for the Champions League final where Man United picked up another Champions League trophy

We will be bring Scholes to meet the Man United Fans in Northampton and then taking him back home to Manchester in early 2021. A natural talent on the pitch - Scholes is as talented and comfortable on the mic!

Find out more here

Scholes Memorabilia

5. Gary Neville in Northampton and Belfast

Not many men personify the spirit of Man United than Gary Neville, fiercely loyal to the club and a driving force behind Salford City and the Class of 92 - Neville has transitioned from Footballer to beloved pundit on Sky Sports. Always honest and always entertaining Gary Neville is a born talker who lived through the highs of the golden era of Manchester United

Find out more here...

6. The Man United Legends Tour - Irwin, Cole and Stam

We bring together Manchester United Legends from all eras - which naturally includes some of the stars of 1999. Whilst the names are all subject to availability in the past we have welcomed treble winners Denis Irwin, Jaap Stam and Andy Cole to the tour

Keep an eye on this blog and our social media to find out who is coming up in Wigan and Chester

7. Denis Irwin Collection

We welcomed the greatest left back and greatest right back in the league Denis Irwin for an exclusive signing session.

Irwin was the only man to have played in the 1991 Cup Winners Cup final and then in the Treble winning season of 1999.

Not only is he an icon for Manchester United he is the joint most decorated Irish footballer of all time and beloved in the Emerald isle as well

8. David May

We will make an exception with David May, whilst he technically isn't a treble winner (he didn'y get enough appearances in the premier league that year for a medal) he was a key part of the 1999 season for Manchester United and he made enough of an impact to help them with the FA Cup and Champions League

Plus he is hilarious on MUTV and hopefully will be joining us on he legends tour in the future

9. Wes Brown - 2x Champions League Winner

He's big, he's bad, he's Wesley Brown.

Wes is a regular face with Superstar Speakers he has appeared on the Manchester United Legends tours, on our YouTube Channel and now he has his own collection of memorabilia in our shop!

Wes visited Superstar Speakers HQ for an exclusive signing session to fill out this collection of pictures from his epic career with Manchester United

10. Manchester United Memorabilia

Not just the legends of the treble - but something for any fan of Man United

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