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Your Framing and Display Options for your Memorabilia

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

By reading this blog we understand that you love memorabilia - Its a small piece of a life long passion and hobby, a symbol of a moment where your life and your heroes life intertwined. You own something your favourite superstar has touched and signed to say they have.

Its a fantastic thing that we love collecting and owning

But what is the best way to enhance, protect and display your items, like the precious works of art that they are.

Very Simply - Framing. We recently wrote a blog on how frames and case protect and take care of your memorabilia, which you can read here

How to take care of your autographs

This blog brings together all of our framing options for you to choose from and decide which is best for you and your items

  1. Shirt Frames

An absolute classic. The signed Football shirt is everyones favourite item. The perfect match of Superstar and the eras that they played in. Shirts become iconic to the era in which they where played in, with hints of the fashions and styles of the decade they were worn to becoming associated with specific moments in the clubs history (think Eric Cantona's Kung Fu kick in the black Man Utd away shirt - to Newcastle's Grandad collared classic in the 'touching distance' season)

These shirts, signed by the men who made them famous are the jewels in any collection of memorabilia and deserve to be protected and made to look even better.

The Superstar Speakers Shirt frame is customizable - you can choose the colours of the inner and outer mount (although we recommend sticking with your teams colours) and two photographs of the superstar who has signed the item in their prime and a custom metal plaque.

Its the perfect way to display your shirts like the art work that they are, decorate your man cave and create a talking point.

Football Shirt Frames

2. Display Cases

Not all items of memorabilia sit nicely in a flat frame, there are a lot of 3D items signed and still deserve the protection and presence of a framed shirt.

Boxing Gloves, Balls (from all sports), Boots and more are all fantastic items of memorabilia that deserve to be protected and displayed. These items form the basis of great collections, there's nothing quite like a shelf full of signed boxing gloves or footballs to create a stunning display in your home.

Superstar Speakers create custom cases for your beloved items - hand crafted bases with the option of artificial grass and a metal plaque that completes the look of the piece

Boxing Glove Display Case
Football Display Case
Football boot Display Case

3. Photo Upgrade Frame

If you have ever been to one of our events you will have seen these upgrade frames. There is always an option to purchase these after you have had your picture taken with the Superstars. We believe they are a great way to enhance the look of the photo and they look great hanging on your walls, especially if you are lucky enough to get your photograph signed.

These frames come with space for your photograph, 2 smaller photos of the Superstar in action and a metal plaque. Just let us know who you want in your frame and we can create it for you!

Upgrade photo frames

4. Bespoke Frames

We have framed all sorts of weird and wonderful things - and will continue to do so!

From Army medals to Boxing Belts. Everything can be framed and these achievements deserve to be recognized and displayed. Obviously every item is different and comes with its own challenges, but we can do it!

Get in touch for a quote and to discuss turning your medals and memorabilia into a work of art

Check out our online memorabilia store if you fancy adding to your collection - every item comes with a COA - as Superstar Speakers is proudly an AFTAL authorized dealer

Memorabilia store

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