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When dealing with derivatives and active principles in chemical analysis, we have the obligation to draw the attention of the reader and to advise him, at the same time, about the meaning of the symbols and the system to be used. The symbols will be in italic and in a distinct color in order to stress them, also on paper. How to draw the chemical equations in a reduced size and how to display them will be in the Appendix. When a symbol is used twice, it is referred to as "2nd use". Occasionally, in chemical texts, it may be useful to specify the place where a symbol is used, which can be done with a superscript which indicates that the symbol is used for the 1st time. Likewise, the superscript '3' indicates that the symbol is used the 3rd time, etc. In many cases, a reaction is represented by arrows. When no arrow is shown, no reaction is involved and the reaction is assumed to be reversible. The reaction can be represented in the form of 'left-hand rule' in which case, it is directed "on the left" towards the production of the product. On the contrary, the reaction can be represented by 'right-hand rule' in which case it is directed "on the right" towards the production of the product. In order to distinguish between the two possible directions of the arrows, it is useful to use the initial letter of the reactants in the reaction to be represented. For instance, a reaction that involves the production of CH3COOH can be represented using the 'H2COOH' and the arrows appear on the left and right of the initial letter 'C'. The direction of the arrows is not used systematically and sometimes a reaction can be represented in two different ways, depending on the initial letters of the reactants or products. For instance, the reaction CH3CH2C2H5 (isopropylisopropyl methacrylate) can be represented in two different ways, namely: 2CH3CH2C2H5.CH2C(O)CH3, isopropyl methacrylate 3CH2CH2CH2CH2CH2C(O)CH3 CH2CH2CH2CH2CH3,. If the arrows are also drawn, the notation 2CH3CH2C2H5·CH2C(O)CH3 is represented with the following figure: The meaning of the arrows is as follows: From




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