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Paul Scholes. He Scores Goals

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

The Best Manchester United Goals From Paul Scholes

“I have no hesitation in putting a name to the embodiment of all that I think is best about football. It’s Paul Scholes” Sir Bobby Charlton

Ahead of our two evenings with the Manchester United legend, we look back at some of his greatest goals for Manchester United.

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Paul Scholes Northampton


He is your favourite footballers’ favourite footballer, one of the most naturally talented and skillful players to ever grace the pitch at Old Trafford. There has never been, or ever will be again another Paul Scholes.

A member of the iconic Class of 92, Treble winner in 1999 and Champions League winner again in 2008. Scholes played for Manchester United between 1993 and 2013 making 718 appearances and scoring 155 goals. In that time, he won 11 Premier League titles (which is just 2 behind Ryan Giggs record of 13) 3 FA Cups, 2 EFL Cups, 5 Community Shields, 2 Champions Leagues and the Intercontinental cup and FIFA club world Cup.

He is the 2nd most decorated Manchester United player of all time

In this blog we look at our choice of the top 6 Paul Scholes goals. Scholes had the ability to score incredible goals from the middle of the park, a thunderous strike from outside the area would change the dynamic of games and with his superior footballing brain would see the opportunity before anyone else

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Here is our six favourite Paul Scholes Goals for Manchester United

1. Bradford 1999 / 2000

Everyone’s favourite Scholes goal.

People claim that Mark Hughes was the greatest at scoring volleys for Manchester United, but with this sublime effort Paul Scholes told the world he was in the same bracket as the iconic Welshman.

99/2000 would be another Premier League winning year for Manchester United and fresh off the back of the Treble the season before, Manchester United were still one of the greatest teams in the world, going on an 11-game winning run during the season.

It was this 4-0 victory at Bradford where Scholes (once again) proved his natural ability for an awe-inspiring goal. A thunderous volley that secured another win for Man United

After a pin point cross from David Beckham, Scholes hammers home a volley too quick even for the camera to follow. Bradford had no chance.

2. Aston Villa 2006 / 2007

Another volley from outside the area. One touch was all it took for Paul Scholes to further cement his name in history. From another title winning season in which Manchester United were building back up to the 2008 Champions League win – with the class of 92 generation becoming the elder statesmen of a new look Manchester United team – it was moments like this volley that proved the treble winning heroes still had what it took to be considered best in the world.

Ryan Giggs crosses the ball into the area which ends up cleared from the box, high into the air and falling into the waiting space of Paul Scholes. Like a predator waiting to strike, Scholes sees the ball coming and rather than try and control it simply swings his right foot towards the oncoming ball and drives it straight through the melee in the box into the Aston Villa goal, with a cheeky bounce off the cross bar for good measure.

One of the sweetest strikes of a ball we have ever seen –the players in the box throw their hands in the air in sheer amazement of this superb volley, Martin Tyler screams ‘HOW!’ on commentary – it looks even better in slow motion

This is the beautiful game

3. Liverpool 1998 / 1999

The Treble winning season is when the class of 92 came of age. A glorious season in English football in which Manchester United were the best team in Europe, the Premier League was dominant across the globe and English Football was exciting.

Manchester United Vs Liverpool is the biggest rivalry in English football. Two huge clubs each with a rich history, both having been dominate in the leagues and Europe.

In a season in which Manchester United were firing on all cylinders this game would always have extra importance and passion attached to it. Could Liverpool get one over on their life long rivals and beat the best in Europe or would United defeat them to truly lay claim to being the biggest club in the country

With 11 minutes to go Paul Scholes seizes his opportunity (this time from inside the box) and strikes cleanly from a ball across the penalty box from Andy Cole, that bypasses Dwight Yorke and goes from Scholes to the back of the net as United defeat Liverpool 2 -0 and march on towards football history

4. Middlesbrough 1999 / 2000

One of the greatest goals ever scored.

Scholes has all the time and space he needs to deliver something special. From outside the area a light pass to the midfield master opens up so many opportunities.

Will he dribble through the defence and work his way into the box? Will he create space for the rest of the team to create more scoring opportunities.?

One thing you never do in football, which Boro found out at their peril – if give Paul Scholes time or space. Here he had both and only needed a split second to once again drive the ball into the back of the net

Quite how he sees the path for the ball to travel through both the Boro and Man Utd teams is almost super human

The way the ball curls into the goal is a thing of beauty

5. Everton 2002 / 2003

Another Paul Scholes wonder volley. The man makes it look easy scoring screamers like this that bounce off the underside of the crossbar.

The beauty here is the flow of the game – Everton are defending against a pressing Manchester United, Scholes gets the ball and loses possession to an advancing Everton.

Only for Manchester United to quickly win the ball back and turn the tide once again. The ball quickly ends up back at Scholes’s feet, who has to quickly turn pace from running towards his own goal to back into an attacking position.

The speed of thought from back tracking to full on attack is lightning fast and after 2 touches to control the ball and then bring it into position Paul Scholes does what he does best. Score outstanding goals that win matches.

Another world class goal and one of the most satisfying sounds as the ball cleanly hits the woodwork before resting in the back of the net

6. Barcelona 2008

One of the lifelong rivalries between two of the biggest clubs in Europe is Manchester United vs Barcelona.

The two European giants have a habit of meeting each other in various competitions over the years.

Famously the 1991 Cup Winners Cup final where Sir Alex Ferguson won his first European Trophy for Man United which was the last time Man Utd beat Barca until this game in the Champions League 2008.

Scholes missed the Champions League final in the treble winning season and despite earning a medal for his work during the campaign, the opportunity to play for Manchester United in a Champions League final must have been something he wanted to achieve before he retired.

United met Barca in the semi-final of the 2008 campaign and it was another perfect goal from Scholes who won his way into his first CL final.

The only goal in the game, the goal that sent Manchester United into the Champions league final once again and a moment of Paul Scholes Magic had put them there

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paul scholes an evening with

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