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Tickets are sent instantly to your inbox for easy gifting!

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Tickets are electronically delivered to your inbox immediately after purchase (even Christmas Day) - just don't wait too long as our shows sell out quickly!

You can then just print them to gift or send them on email to the recipient- easy peasy!

If you're planning on gifting your loved ones with event experience tickets then here's a few ways to gift wrap your paper tickets.

An evening with event tickets are ideal gifts for sports fans. We have gifts for Football fans, gifts for rugby fans, gifts for cricket fans, gifts for boxing fans - a whole range of gifts for any sport lover.

You can gift them with tickets for An evening with theatre events, An evening with hotel events, enjoy an exclusive lunch with a player or even a round of golf at our celebrity golf day in June. All experiences are listed here

Our An evening with experiences come with tickets to suit all budgets and can be perfect sport fans stocking fillers for £20 tickets or be the main present for up to £500 for our platinum experiences.

We also have our superstar Speakers Gift Vouchers which can be presented like gift tickets in these fun ticket gift wrap ideas.

  1. Put the ticket in a cracker - then bang the perfect gift ticket is revealed with a pop!

  2. Hide the ticket under the their dinner place mat - then tell the recipient to peek under before dinner is served.

  3. Schedule an Email with the E ticket attached ready to land in their inbox at the right time.

  4. Gift some expected socks and put the tickets inside the sock and go from boring present to best present. Also works with gloves!

  5. Go all out and stick the tickets to the back of some signed memorabilia which you can buy from our memorabilia store

  6. Put the ticket under their duvet so they get a nice surprise finding a treat before bed time.

  7. Balloon pop challenge - roll the ticket and put it carefully inside a deflated balloon. Blow it up (helium or air) along with other balloon and get the recipient to pop them all until they find their gift.

  8. Be silly and instead of throwing away that big cardboard box put the little ticket in and wrap it up in the box to fool your recipient.

Let us know how you wrap you experience tickets, do it by sending us a message on social media.

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