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All the upcoming boxing events from Superstar Speakers

When it comes to sport, there is nothing quite like boxing. It is one of the oldest Sports in the world and is a simple case of man vs man. The triumph of training, grit and determination where strength, guile and wits all come into play.

Britain loves boxing and we make heroes of our boxing Superstars, working class heroes who carry the hopes and dreams of the nation on their backs in a quest for ultimate glory or ultimate defeat.

Boxing Superstars bring these epic tales of achievement to our events, learn how much training and dedication it takes to become World Champions, what the mental strain is like and what the support of the Great British Public means to them in their quest for glory

This blog will tell you all you need to know about our upcoming boxing events

Frank Bruno is on of the nations national treasures. The man who carried the hopes and dreams of the nation during his 1980s and 1990s quest to become the heavyweight champion of the world.

Big Frank has an unbelievable fight record of 45 fights, 40 wins and 38 KO's. In his prime he was a big hard hitting behemoth who dazzled and delighted the British Public with his fights. Frank transitioned into the mainstream in the way many boxers couldn't event dream of, with corporate sponsorship, TV adverts and pantomime roles.

In 2021 the public where reminded of the importance of Bruno's legacy in British Sport with the documentary 'Bruno Vs Tyson' all about his 2 matches with Iron Mike

Still regarded as one of the all-time great British Sports personalities and is still popular and beloved today - having endeared himself once again to the nation when he publicly admitted his battles with depression, helping pave the way for men to open up about their battles with this illness, with the understanding that if it affects the World Heavyweight Champion then its not a sign of weakness

An Audience with Frank Bruno is full of incredible tales of a British hero who worked and trained hard to reach the top of the world, his mental health battles and much more

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Tickets Available for An Evening with Frank Bruno here


There's only one Ricky Hatton!

Its always a party when The Hitman is in town. Famed for always bringing a huge home town following with him where ever he went in the world, Ricky Hatton is one of Britain's most popular ever fighters. With an aggressive and hard hitting style of boxing Hatton captured the attention of the nation quickly and went on an incredible undefeated run of 43 fights becoming the unified light-welterweight champion, 2005 fighter of the year from The Ring and then WBA welterweight champion.

Hatton's first defeat came against Floyd Mayweather in one of the biggest fights of the last 2 decades with nearly 2 million buys worldwide, which although the Hitman suffered his first defeat the English nation descended on Las Vegas giving a deafening support to their hero

SInce retirement Ricky Hatton has started training the next generation of fighters including his own son Campbell 'Hurricane' Hatton.

An Evening with Ricky Hatton is unlike any other you will see! Ricky brings his unique brand of charm, warmth and humour with a mix of stand up comedy and tales of his epic career - and he still brings a large and loud following with him!

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Tickets Available for An Evening with Ricky Hatton here


Josh Warrington is a Leeds legend - being the first male boxer from the city to win a World Title when he became IBF featherweight champion in 2018.

Still an active Boxer, we are delighted that Warrington has found time in his busy schedule to meet and greet the fans in the UK ahead of his next fight.

Warrington's record currently stands at 31 fights, 30 wins, 7 Knockouts with his 31st fight ending in a shock defeat to Mauricio Lara on Feb 13th 2021.

It is highly expected that there will be a rematch and 'The Leeds Warrior' will be looking to avenge his first loss with Warrington vs Lara 2

Already the subject of his own documentary 'Fighting for a City' which follows his journey to becoming IBF champion in his beloved Leeds United home stadium of Elland Road.


Nico Leivars is the next big thing in British Boxing. One of Superstar Speakers sponsored athletes Nico is a member of Team GB, 2 time Gold medallist and Elite National Champion.

We caught up with the future legend for an interview about his journey and plans for the future


The Muhammad Ali Collection. One of the most iconic and influential sportsmen of the 20th Century the legacy of Muhammad Ali is still being felt in both the world of boxing and world culture. A hugely influential man who transcended the sport and entered mainstream popularity with his poetic 'trash talking' before his fights and refusal to back down to whay society expected of him. Ali could talk the fans into the building, hyping up his fights (and himself) talking his way into history

We are delighted to have this prestigious collection of signed and framed memorabilia from the late boxing legend


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