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There's Only One Ricky Hatton

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Ahead of Ricky Hattons show in 2022

We celebrate the career of the Hitman and what made the British Public take him to their hearts

Britain's Favourite Boxer

“The fans only don't support me cos of the way I fight, they support me cos of the way I am.”

Ricky Hatton is one of Britain’s best loved boxers, famous for bringing a lively and loud following where ever he boxed around the world. Its always a party when the Hitman is in town

Superstar Speakers will be bringing Ricky The Hitman Hatton to Northampton Saints on 28th January 2022 for his one man ‘Evening with’ show.

Ricky is still a beloved British Sportsman and his shows are unlike any others – he mixes tales of his incredible career with hilarious stand-up comedy and his natural Mancunian charm and wit.

Ahead of Ricky Hatton Live in Northampton and Belfast – We celebrate the career of the Hitman and what made the British Public take him to their hearts

What is Ricky Hatton’s Record?

“I think my greatest achievement in boxing is my following.”

The Hitman ended his 15-year career with a fight record of 48 Fights, 45 Wins, 32 Knock-outs and only 3 losses.

Before turning professional Ricky was an accomplished amateur boxer having won SEVEN British titles at light-welterweight and represented the UK at the 1996 AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships – where he was eliminated in the semi-finals despite 4 of 5 judges awarding the fight to him

This led the 18-year-old Hatton to turn away from the amateurs and turn professional

Ricky Hatton won his first fight by TKO in the first round against Colin McAuley and the boxing world took notice – his second fight was at the prestigious Madison Square Garden on the undercard for Naseem Hamed vs Kevin Kelley, in which Ricky won again

He spent the next few years building a reputation and was named 1999 Young Fighter of the Year by the British Boxing Writers Club and capped off the decade by defeating Dillon Carew for the WBO Intercontinental Light-Welterweight title.

This would be the first of many titles Ricky won in his career – including the WBU light-welterweight title, IBF light-welterweight title, The Ring light-welterweight title, WBA welterweight title, IBO light-welterweight title and WBC international light-welterweight title

It was really the 39th fight in his career against Kosta Tszyu that the world took notice – Hatton went in as a huge underdog, with Tszyu considered one of the greatest pound for pound active fighters with one of the hardest punches. The fight took place in Manchester’s MEN arena, giving Ricky the home field advantage and support from the Manchester fans. Hatton took Tszyu to the final round before Knocking his opponent out. It is considered one of the greatest fights from a British Boxer in 20 years.

Ricky Hatton had arrived

Hatton was undefeated in his first 43 fights with 31 knockouts – it was these credentials and reputation that earned him his fight against Floyd Mayweather

“If there was such a thing as re-incarnation, Floyd would come back as himself”

Ricky’s 44th career fight would be his biggest and most famous. When he answered the challenge of the number 1 Boxer in the world Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather.

Both men were undefeated and champions – Ricky was holding The Ring Light-Welterweight championship and Mayweather the WBC and The Ring Welterweight Championships – which were on the line in this fight

The fight was staged in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on 8th December 2007 and drew 920,000 on HBO and 1,150,000 on Sky Box Office

Ricky’s fans flooded to Las Vegas and created a wall of noise and vocal support for the home town hero singing God Save the Queen (along with Tom Jones), Blue Moon as Ricky walked to the ring and a near constant chant of ‘there’s only one Ricky Hatton’ and 'Hatton Wonderland.'

This level of support helped motivate Hatton to bring the fight to Mayweather, even catching Mayweather with a left jab that rocked the American and gave Ricky an advantage that he continued to press until Mayweather landed a right that cut Ricky above the eye.

In round six Hatton was docked a point for allegedly hitting Maywether in the back of the head, this was later revealed to have hit the ring rope rather than Mayweather, but the decision caused Ricky to lose concentration and ended with Mayweather adapting to Ricky’s fighting style and capitalising on his loss of focus, ending up knocking Hatton down in the 10th round and despite Hatton getting back to his feet and continuing the fight, His corner threw the towel in and Hatton suffered his first career loss

The official scores ended 88 - 82, 89 - 81, 89 – 81 all to Mayweather

Who did Ricky Hatton Lose to?

Ricky only lost two more fights in his professional career to Manny Pacquiao in 2009 and to Vyacheslav Senchenko in 2012

Man of the People – the Ricky Hatton Sense of humour

“I'm a Mancunian born and bred and I feel I'm no different to the man in the crowd and it's nice to reward them. I want to become a great champion.”

Ricky Hatton is a proud working-class hero. Famed for his self-deprecating wit and sense of humour. This, combined with his fighting style endeared him to the British Public

Hatton famously struggled with his weight between fights, Ricky would regularly gain 35-40lb between matches and would have to cut and train heavily before each next fight. This earned him the nickname ‘Ricky Fatton

Its true Hatton style he took this nickname on the chin and embraced it by wearing a custom Ricky Fatton fat suit in press picture, when asked about his weight he simply replied

They call me Ricky Fatton. Mind you I’ve had a lot on my plate recently. I got measured for this suit the other week. They measured my pants, jacket, top to bottom. Bloody hell Ricky you’re a Mark F they said, a size up from a marquee


“I've got a problem with my legs; they just can't walk past a chippy.”

This level of humour and fun is evident in Ricky’s life and stand-up show as he always entertains with a series of jokes and anecdotes that leave the crowds in stitches every time!

He even appeared on WWE RAW once and ended up fighting with Chavo Guerrero

Ricky tells a funny story of how Floyd Mayweather tried to throw his weight around in the build up to their fight in 2007

And I remember me, Kerry Kayes, Billy Graham, my dad, and Paul Speak were all sat in this restaurant and Floyd came in with a load of cameras as we were sat down having a meal…And he was going ‘Hey Ricky, how are you doing?’ and he was flicking $100 bills all over this table and all the press were lapping it up and taking pictures…I went ‘Oh that’s very kind of you Floyd’ and I picked up all these hundred dollar bills and said ‘How much was the bill mate..They said $300 and I went ‘cheers d******’ and put about $800 in my top pocket! And all the press took pictures laughing their heads off and Floyd did not like it..So for all his mouth he will never get one over on me the d******.”

Because Ricky was so beloved by the public, when he opened up about his private battle with depression, there was nothing but support for the champion.

Ricky opening up about the disease helped pave the way for men to admit they suffered too and that it wasn’t a sign of weakness

Training the Future and the legacy of Ricky Hatton

Since retirement Ricky Hatton is still involved in Boxing, this time as a trainer.

Notabably training Zhanat Zhakiyanov, Paul Upton and Tommy Fury.

Hatton’s Son Campbell has followed in his fathers footsteps and recently turned pro

“I’m extremely proud of Campbell turning professional,” said British fight legend Hatton. “I’ve been proud of him since the day he was born. He’s a fine young man and he’s following in my footsteps. My mum and dad brought me up in a certain way and I’d like to think I’m doing the same thing with Campbell. “He now has a massive platform with Matchroom Boxing and Sky Sports. I don’t think he’s going to disappoint. He’s only young and he’s got a way to go. I think people will love his personality, he’s a chip off the old block. Fans will love his fighting style. “I think people will take him to their hearts like they did with me. He’s got a great team behind him with Matchroom and Eddie, he’s got me and Matthew looking after him in the gym. He’s got a heart as big as his dad’s. He has the talent and the ability to be a real force and success story in the game.”

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