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Bryan Robson. Captain Marvel

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Captain Marvel Bryan Robson

There is something special about Bryan Robson. A man who is synonymous with Manchester United and everything it represents. A legend of Old Trafford who stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the all-time greats who have played for Man United

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Bryan Robson Superstar Speakers

Robson is a classic English Footballer. Solid, passionate and not frightened of ‘getting stuck in’ to a challenge to ensure his team won. The classic Manchester United attitude that has been seen in captains such as Roy Keane and Gary Neville since Robbo retired the armband.

Bryan Robson is a leader of men, a midfield general that inspired his troops to go to war every time they crossed the white line of the pitch and represented Manchester United. He gave his all, every time and inspired his team to do the same. Nothing less than 100% - 100% of the time.

We spoke to a number of legends about the iconic Captain and this is what they had to say about the man.

Bryan Robson on his memories of the 1991 Cup Winners Cup

The Ultimate Player – Lee Sharpe

Lee Sharpe was just a Teenager when he played under Bryan Robson at Manchester United and has high praise for the role that Robbo played in his early career, calling him a ‘father figure…who looked after all of us on and off the pitch’

Sharpe puts it perfectly when explaining why he chose Robson to captain his all-time Man Utd XI when he said ‘he was the catalyst of what United have become…He encapsulates what United are about’

My Absolute Hero – Ben Thornley

Ben Thornley is one of the great ‘What-ifs’ in both Manchester United and English football history. Acknowledged as the best player from the class of 92 his career was cut short by a horrific injury that robbed Man United and England of a brilliant talent.

Growing up at Manchester United and the Cliff, Ben remembers the impact Bryan Robson had on his young career

‘He was the one that got me interested in football’ said Ben ‘He would just roll his sleeves up and was almost a one-man team…It was a privilege to play in the same team as him’

In Ben’s first week at Manchester United he bumped into his ‘Absolute hero’ Bryan Robson and ended up breaking in a brand-new pair of boots for him – being a respectful young player he returned them to the Captain, polished and in great condition only for Robbo to ask the young man’s opinion on the boots. Ben told Bryan that he liked them and being the Captain of the club and appreciating that the club was more than just the first team, Robson let Ben keep the boots – Which Thornley still keeps as one of his prized possessions

Everyone of us looked up to Bryan Robson – Keith Gillespie

Another player who started his early playing days at the Cliff with the Manchester United Youth team is Keith Gillespie, who again spoke of nothing but respect and admiration for the iconic captain.

‘Certainly, for myself growing up as a Man Utd fan he was my hero’ said Keith. Gillespie told us about the times when Robson was coming back from injury and would play alongside the youth team ‘If somebody should have left one on you, from the other team – he would always be there to give them one back!’

Everyone has heard the stories of, or been lucky enough to have seen, Bryan Robson not allowing his teammates to take any abuse from the opposition and the fact he was always first in line to defend them on the pitch for the first team – but it is telling the mark of the man that this attitude continued for every Manchester United player – regardless of whether they were first team or youth team

The best leader anybody could ever play under – Lee Martin

Lee Martin is a Manchester United legend, the man who scored the winning goal in the 1991 FA Cup final replay and helped secure Sir Alex Ferguson’s first trophy with Man United, He is another product of the youth system and played first team football under Bryan Robson

‘I Remember going away with England a few times, we were with the Under 21s, but we traveled with the first team…I Remember Tony Adams coming down the plane and saying all the lads ‘We are all going to put 100 pounds in for the air Stewardesses, we were only on about 25 quid a week, 100 pounds for us to put in would have been ridiculous, any way Bryan came out and said ‘don’t worry lads, I’ve sorted all your money out with Tony, so that’s all sorted…that would of bankrupted me for a month!’

Its stories like this, from the men who played and worked with Robson that prove what a great captain he was for both club and country

He was the best player in training, the best player on the pitch – Andy Campbell

A huge part of the legacy of Bryan Robson is his time as player-manager of Middlesbrough. It was a time when Boro started bringing in World Class legends to Riverside and delighted the Premier League and the Boro fans with his star-studded line up.

Andy Campbell was one of the Middlesbrough players at the club when Robbo took over and remembers the excitement of Captain Marvel to his boyhood club

‘If it wasn’t for those signings, backroom, players the manager bringing in, himself…the football club wouldn’t be where it is now, and fans don’t forget, the history will never be forgotten, for me that’s the time when the football club evolved and changed as a top club because if we didn’t have Bryan Robson come in, Didn’t get promoted, we wouldn’t have the new stadium as strong as it was, as full as it was and exciting as it was – the town was going places and its all down to the appointment of Bryan Robson"

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