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Superstar Speakers Live: The Best Bits

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

An Evening with Sporting Legends

On Facebook we regularly interview sporting legends - and put your questions to them live! Here are some of our favourite stories that the Superstars have told us over the 2020 lockdown

Dean Saunders on Ron Atkinson

During his time at Aston Villa, Dean Saunders played under the management of the larger-than-life Big Ron Atkinson. Dean told us this incredible of story of Big Ron just being Big Ron and walking around the golf course in a massive cowboy hat!

Sammy McIlroy on going for a drink with George Best

George Best is an all time great for both Manchester United and Northern Ireland, the same can be said for Sammy McIlroy. There are a lot of questions we could of asked about George, but we went with 'did you ever have a beer with George Best' - Sammy didn't disappoint!

Brian McClair on winding up Sir Alex

When Manchester United signed Andy Cole, Sir Alex Ferguson decided he would make him the number 9 in the team, but he first had to phone the current owner of that shirt, Brian McClair. Choccy being Choccy took the opportunity to wind up the boss!

Lee Sharpe gets the Hairdryer

The Alex Ferguson hairdryer is a legendary myth in football - it was his method of telling off his players, by just shouting at them! Lee Sharpe told us this story about one he got when he was just 18

Ben Thornley on Robbie Savage

We found a clip of Robbie Savage claiming to be World Class - so we asked his old team mate, Ben Thornley his thoughts and watched Ben try and give a professional answer without laughing!

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