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An evening with Alan Shearer - Northampton

One of the Greatest Ever Players in the history of the Premier League is coming to Northampton for an exclusive Superstar Speakers Event.

NATIONAL HERO ALAN SHEARER‘ comes to the Northampton Town Centre Hotel for an exclusive live on stage ‘Evening with’ event.

Football fans need no introduction to Alan Shearer. The top icon in English football and much-loved patriot of the united Kingdom, Alan has a fan base that stretches worldwide – especially in his hometown Geordie land.

Arguably one of the most passionate players of all time, who always left everything out on the field in a commitment to himself, his manager, his teammates, and the fans. Alan is one of the best players England has ever produced and was a fans favourite throughout his career. Listen how Alan came from a working-class family to become a true footballing legend, role model to the younger generation and a respected ambassador of the game.

Come and join Alan Shearer as we take a trip down memory lane. From Southampton to Blackburn to the black and white stripes of Newcastle United alongside the England Football team and being live on air most weekends as our favourite sports pundit.

This exclusive show will see a 2 part live and unscripted interview with Alan Shearer, reminiscing about those glorious football memories old and new and get an real life insight to one of the best players to ever light up the football world. Who knows what will happen when Alan Shearer takes to the stage to give you his ‘off camera’ stories.

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